KJ Productions is a Line Production firm based in Kashmir. We offer the highest standard of services at reasonable rates in Casting, Equipment, Recce, Transportation, Catering, Permissions and other requirements for film shoots in Kashmir. Our aim to promote Kashmir as a film destination world-wide and increase overall tourism in the valley.

Our Story

In 2011, acclaimed film director, Imtiaz Ali was traveling to Kashmir on a family holiday. When he visited Kashmir, he was so enthralled by the beauty and rich traditions of this valley that he changed the character of Nargis Fakhri from Rajasthani to a Kashmiri Pandit girl. He came back to Kashmir to shoot his film ROCKSTAR with local guidance from Khawar Jamsheed, who provided complete support and assistance during the shoot of the film. This is how KJ Productions was born. With our persistent efforts, more filmmakers started showing interest in filming in Kashmir. As people across India and abroad saw their dream destination being showcased in films again, they planned their travels to the valley, increasing the overall footfall of tourists in Kashmir. Most of the films that have been shot in Kashmir since 2011 have become huge hits, some of them even breaking box office records, such as Bajrangi Bhaijan. Our aim is to endorse Kashmir as a film destination in worldwide and promote its majestic beauty and the unique traditions and cultures that have remained the same since centuries.

Khawar Jamsheed

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